Rei Kuromiya photobook

Model Rei Kuromiya will release a photobook called 0 -rei- on August 21st 2017. There are several sets shot by well known photographers in Japan and Taiwan, with fashion, idol, natural and gravure themed photos. Each set shows a different aspect of Rei, who is at the age where child and adult intersects. It is titled 0 -rei- because rei also means zero in Japanese. The 120-page photo book also includes a long interview that gets close to the heart of the charismatic star, as well as messages from celebrities and close friends.

You can order the book here:

To coincide with the photobook release there will be a series of autograph signing events across Japan, and a main launch event in Tokyo.


Release and Autograph Events

All events have the same format:

  • Buy the photobook from the target store before the event to get an event ticket.
  • If you buy one photobook you can get it signed by Rei.
  • If you buy two photo books, you can get one of them signed and also receive a random”cheki” or standard photograph. A cheki is a candid instant photograph, they are small but each is unique. Most people choose chekis over photographs, but if the chekis run out, you will have no choice.
  • You can buy more photobooks, but you can only sign one at a time (go to the back of the queue to get the second signature etc.)

Autograph Signing Events

  • August 15th 2017: Tokyo, Village Vanguard Shibuya (map)
    • Event starts at 19:00. Photo book on sale from 10:00.
  • August 16th: Nagoya, Village Vanguard, Nagoya Central Store (map)
    • Event starts at 19:00
  • August 17th: Osaka, Village Vanguard, Amerikamura (map)
    • Event starts at 19:00
  • August 19th: Sendai, Village Vanguard Aeon Town Izumi Osawa Store (map)
    • Event starts at 14:00 (note: this venue is some way out of central Sendai)
  • August 20th: Fukuoka, Village Vanguard, Parco Store (map)
    • Event starts at 14:00

Launch Event

  • August 21st, HMV & BOOKS, Shibuya, Tokyo (map)
    • Event starts at 18:30. The store is on the 5th, 6th and 7th floor of a department store in Shibuya, but the event will probably be on the 5th floor.



Ayumi Shikata: This set uses “The Little Matchgirl” as a theme. Rei Kuromiya merges into a world of dream and reality, fetish and fantasy.

Rei Kuromiya photograph 2


Ichiro Senoh:  Portrays Rei’s harder side with themes of “thorny, biting words”, “rebelious spirit” and “strength”.


Maki Taguchi: A feature shot in Taiwan, with the styling entirely by Rei herself, these photos explore her private, innocent side.

Photo Gallery

Rei Kuromiya photograph