UPDATE: Rei has left Ladybaby so this tour will not go ahead.

Ladybaby will do a tour of Japan in November and December called “Chance Meeting”. So far Ladybaby’s events have mostly been in the central cities of Tokyo (and around), Osaka and Nagoya. However, their popularity is increasing steadily and fans have been calling for more events around the country. Rei Kuromiya’s national tour for her photobook was extremely popular, so now it’s Ladybaby’s turn. As well as cities around the main island, they will visit Sapporo on the north island and Fukuoka on the south island.

Ladybaby and map of Japan

Event List

  • November 25th 2017, Niigata: Golden Pigs, Black Stage (map)
    Doors open 17:30, Start 18:00. There are three venues at Golden Pigs, the Black Stage is on the sixth floor.
  • November 26th, Fukuoka: Livehouse Queblick (map)
    Doors open 17:30, Start 18:00
  • December 1st, Yokohama: Baysis (map)
    Doors open 18:30, Start 19:00
  • December 8th, Sapporo: Colony (map)
    Doors open 18:30, Start 19:00
  • December 22nd, Kobe: Music Zoo (Sun and Tiger) (map)
    Doors open 17:30, Start 18:00
  • December 23rd, Hiroshima: Hiroshima Back Beat (map)
    Doors open 17:30, Start 18:00
  • December 24th, Hamamatsu, Force (map)
    Doors open 17:30, Start 18:00

Tickets: Each venue costs 3000 yen in advance, 3500 yen on the day. Plus 500 yen (usually) for a drink ticket on the door.

Advance tickets are available at Rakuten Ticket, which can be used from overseas (register an account with the English Rakuten Market first, then go to the ticket site where you will need automatic translation – use Chrome). However, at the moment there is a lottery for the first round of tickets and you can only pay by going to a Japanese convenience store. So if you are not in Japan you will have to wait until the next round of tickets. This page will be updated with details when the second round begins (probably 19th September).