Rei Kuromiya and Rie Kaneko of Ladybaby on the Pinky Pinky CD insert
Pinky! Pinky! CD Cover

THIRD UPDATE: Another event added (Yokohama)

Ladybaby’s next single is called “Pinky! Pinky!” and will be released September 27th 2017.  There will be free events in stores around Tokyo to celebrate the release. So this will be a chance to hear the songs performed live and meet Rei Kuromiya and Rie Kaneko and get your picture taken with them.

Live Show: You can view the mini live performance of the songs for free by going to the store. But some stores have little space so arrive early.

Meet & Greet with Ladybaby: If you want to meet the girls you need tickets. Buy or reserve the CD single or the limited edition CD+DVD in the target store to get a ticket. Tickets are limited so some stores might sell out early. Reserving in advance is difficult if you don’t know Japanese (you must fill in a form, pay, then collect the single on the day). Securing tickets on the day should be possible in some of the stores but get them early because Ladybaby are popular.

Rewards depend on how many tickets you buy. Watch what other people are doing to see when you should get your reward.
1 ticket: Handshake and a few words with Rei Kuromiya and Rie Kaneko.
2 tickets: One “3-shot” picture. You and the both members of Ladybaby.
3 tickets: One “2-shot” picture with the member of your choice.
You can get multiple rewards by buying more tickets (as many as you like).

IMPORTANT: Bring your own camera or smartphone to take the pictures. Unlike most idol units Ladybaby rarely take chekis (mini polaroid pictures) so you need to give staff your own camera.

Event List

  • September 16th 2017, Saitama: Sky Garden Stage, LaLaport Shin Misato (map)
    Start 14:00. Although in Saitama this venue is easy to reach from Tokyo.
  • September 23th, Osaka: Tower Records, NU Chayamachi Store, Umeda (map)
    Start 15:30. This store is a little hard to find on the upper floors of a smallish shop complex. As you walk down the central corridor look for the signs to the elevators tucked down a side corridor. It has a good event area inside though.
  • September 26th, Tokyo: HMV & BOOKS, Shibuya (map)
    Start 19:00. The store is on the 5th, 6th and 7th floor of a department store in Shibuya, you will need to check which floor the event is on. This store has limited space.
  • September 27th, Tokyo, Sunshine City, Fountain Square, Ikebukuro (map)
    Start 18:00. Sunshine City is a large mall. Depending where you enter, you might have to go far inside to reach Fountain Square. Ask at the information desk for directions (English should be OK).
  • September 29th, Tokyo, LaLaport, Toyosu (map)
    Start 19:00. The event will probably be in the outdoor central area.
  • September 30th, Tokyo: Tower Records Shinjuku (map)
    Start 18:00. Tower is on the 7th floor of a department store. The area around Shinjuku station is complex, allow time to find the store. This store has limited space. They tend to make you queue on the stairs for the meet and greets in this store. Make sure to join the right queue (ask someone).
  • October 1st, Yokohama: Tower Records, Yokohama Vivre Store (map)
    Start 15:00. The store is on the B1 floor of a shopping centre near the main station, the live event will be near the back doors of the store leading to the outside.
  • October 9th, Nagoya: Tower Records, Kintetsu Passe Store (map)
    Start 14:00. The store is on the 9th floor of a mall near the main station, however the event is on the rooftop (10th floor). You may need to ask to find the stairway from the store up to the roof.

Rei Kuromiya and Rie Kaneko of Ladybaby - Pinky Pinky cover picture