Ladybaby’s latest single will be released on September 27th 2017. The first track is called “Me! Me! Me!”, an upbeat rock / idol anthem. It will probably appear on Youtube very soon. The CD single will have three tracks in total, whereas the CD+DVD edition will only contain two tracks but will probably also include the music videos and a making-of movie (see below for pre-order details). There are likely to be a number of release events in September where the girls will sing the songs and meet their fans.

Ladybaby Me Me Me video picture
Me! Me! Me!

They also released the first pictures of Rei Kuromiya and Rie Kaneko in the outfit for the single, created as usual by fashion designer Kanae Higashi. This time the girls have gone for a darker “combat” look. The pictures are from the Me! Me! Me! video, shot in a disused school in Chiba.

Ladybaby, Rei and Rie in new costume

Update 17/09/08: The video has been released:


You can pre-order the single from the HMV or Amazon Japanese sites. HMV is in English, although look out when registering for the easy-to-miss button that lets you enter an international address. Amazon can be changed to English but the translation is not as complete. Amazon tend to delivery more efficiently, whereas HMV is easier to use. I have used both without trouble. It is likely that foreign delivery specialists CDJapan will also stock it eventually.

CD+DVD (2 tracks plus movies)

CD only version (3 tracks)