Ladybaby and Natsu no Mamono

Ladybaby will appear at the hugely popular Natsu no Mamono 2017 (Summer Demons 2017) on September 10th. This is a huge all-day event in Kawasaki, very close to Tokyo, hosted by the titular Natsu no Mamono group. The lineup includes, Oomori Seiko, BiS, Billie Idol, Maison Book Girl and dozens of others.

Event Details

When: Doors open: 11:00. Start: 12:00. Ladybaby’s set is from 17:00 on the Blue stage. Rei is also appearing at Depression Fes with her band Brats earlier the same day.

Where: Higashiogishimahigashi Park (map), a park right by the bay in Kawasaki.

Tickets: 8000 yen. They might be available on the door if the show doesn’t sell out

Advance tickets are available at Lawson Ticket. This site is in Japanese, but it is usable with automatic translation (I use Chrome) and accepts foreign credit cards. To register you need a Japanese address – use any address (e.g. address of a hotel) written in Japanese – don’t worry you won’t use it. Enter your normal mobile number, it is needed to pick up tickets. IMPORTANT: When ordering the ticket select “Collection over the counter” instead of delivery. After paying you get a page with a code number and your mobile number. Take a memo or print it out. When in Japan, use a “Loppi” machine in a Lawson store to select the tickets – you type in the numbers you got when ordering and it gives you a slip. Hand over the slip at the counter and you will get your tickets.

If you won’t have anyone who can read Japanese with you in Japan then make sure you read up on which options to select on the Loppi machine before ordering. See this page for more information (the advice about buying tickets is up-to-date and correct. The site also offers a proxy purchasing service but I cannot vouch for it as I have never used it).

Details on official site.