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Buy modafinil online longecity, the new drug-delivery service for users with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The company has been developing Modafinil for the past decade, and today product is in clinical trials with first medicine online pharmacy discount code more than 20,000 participants worldwide, with more than $30 million raised in funding to date. The company was founded by two former Google employees—Vincent F. Fiorentino, Buy modafinil online in usa Ph.D. and Mark J. Henkel, Ph.D.—who wanted to create a more effective treatment option for patients who have ADHD want to stay awake and have more energy. But they were initially reluctant to advertise and sell their product, believing it would be a waste of time, they tell Fast Company. "We didn't want to spend time arguing with doctors, who are spier modafinil buy online not always willing to try anything new," says Fiorentino. After several Modafinil 200mg 180 pills US$ 590.00 US$ 3.28 failures to sell their drug, the duo founded Longecity with idea of creating an online pharmacy for people with ADHD. Users can buy the drug from anywhere, including on demand. advertisement Modafinil has been a popular treatment choice in clinical trials for people with ADHD, and recently received FDA approval for children with ADHD. Now the company is expanding to adults with ADHD. In a recent pilot of Modafinil for people with ADHD, a group received Modafinil at smart drugs modafinil buy online home every other day in an effort to minimize side effects. In a larger clinical trial, participants received Modafinil two weeks per month; the placebo group went a week without the drug. team found that modafinil group had fewer side effects after taking the drug compared to those who didn't get the drug—but it was unclear if this a result of the drug or placebo effects. After the trial was over, FDA issued a letter stating that the company would have to follow the same requirements for approval as its prescription-only counterparts (which typically require studies to demonstrate efficacy and safety, not just safety efficacy). "If we're going to try and find a solution to the problem of drug abuse, we can't just wait until some magic pill is found," says Fiorentino. The company has hired several lawyers who are ready to challenge the FDA and seek approval for more aggressive marketing efforts the drug in United States. Fiorentino has also teamed up with a former U.S. Senator to lobby for new regulation Modafinil and is currently working on creating a public-policy organization for people with ADHD. Longecity's modafinil program can be accessed through a special link, and will eventually be available for free non-patients at If you're interested in learning more about modafinil, check out this YouTube vlog of a man who was prescribed the drug and who reports he was able to get more work done on his computer—even though he was still sleeping at night.

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