Update: gig on 17th is sold out!
A trio of interesting March lives for Rei’s band Brats including the continuation of their “One-Man” series.


March 1st – HiEND [Rock★Star]

FBrats in early 2019ellow rockers HiEND are having an event to celebrate their first mini-album release and have invited Brats to come along for the gig. Also guesting are Seth.

When: March 1st 2019. Doors open at 19:00 for a 19:30 start.

Where: Club 251, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo (map)
Head out to Shimokitazawa station in west Tokyo (about 8 minutes from Shibuya). Take the South exit and the basement venue is a short walk south. Use an online map as the small streets in Shimokitazawa are easy to get confused in.

Tickets: 2500 yen in advance, 3000 yen on the door+ 1 drink ticket on the door in either case(about 500 yen).
This event uses the foreigner-friendly LivePocket ticket site. You can buy advance tickets and save money here, it will auto-translate into English.


March 17th – Live “2nd Round”

Brats at Club Malcom

Brats are doing a series of “one-man” events each month from February to April. Most smaller groups appear at events with other bands, but a one-man event is a gig with only one band playing a long set-list. It’s a mark of growing popularity. This is the “Second Round”, expect a long setlist showcasing all their songs.

When: March 17th 2019. Doors open at 12:00 for a 12:30 start.

Where: Shinjuku Motion, Tokyo (map)
From main Shinjuku station, take the East exit and head north a short way to the venue. Alternatively, go to Seibu-Shinjuku station, which is a little closer. The venue is on the 5F, an entrance on the corner leads directly to the elevator.

Tickets: Update: Sold out!
Advance 2800 yen, on the day 3300 yen. In either case plus 1 drink ticket on the door (600 yen).
Unfortunately most of the ticket sites in Japan now prevent foreigners from buying tickets. So buying a ticket in advance is impossible unless you know someone in Japan or use a specialist ticket service. However, if the gig doesn’t sell out you can buy a ticket on the door, although you will have to wait until after the people with tickets to get in.


March 31st – Kashiwa ThumbsUp 10th Anniversary Event

Rei Kuromiya singingAn almost all female line-up for this rock event just outside North-East Tokyo. Brats feature along with Bakudan Ko Kiatsu, FullMoon, Momoko Kanade, The Heanacat and more. This should be a fun and varied live.

When: March 31st 2019. Doors open at 17:00 for a 17:30 start.

Where: Kashiwa Thumbsup (map)
The venue is a 15 minute walk south of Kashiwa station. It has distinctive blue windows. You can get an inexpensive direct train to Kashiwa station from Tokyo station. It takes 30 minutes.

Tickets: With a reservation 3000 yen, on the day 3500 yen. In either case plus 1 drink ticket on the door (600 yen).
Make a reservation with this form. Click on this translated picture to see how to fill the form in:Form for Kashiwa Thumbsup event

Kuromiya Rei