Update: 16th February gig ticket status.

This website is back after a short absence…
Brats have returned from two gigs in South Korea and now kick off a busy February, including the start of their “One-Man” series.


February 6th – vSummit Vol. 1

Brats head up a lineup with five other singers and bands in fashionable West Tokyo. Official event page (Japanese) – there are links to the other band’s home pages.

When: February 6th 2019. Doors open at 17:30 for a 18:00 start.

Where: Club Seata, Kichijoji, Tokyo (map)
Kichijoji station is just a couple of stops out from Shinjuku. From the station, the venue is just a few blocks north on the right-hand side – descend the stairs into the basement venue.

Tickets: 3000 yen + 1 drink ticket on the door (about 500 yen).
If the event doesn’t sell out you can pay on the door. You may have to enter after the people with reservations though. You can make a reservation on the Tiget site. Register here (use twitter or facebook, or enter name, email, and password (twice) ). Then make a reservation here: press the button under the word “BRATS” at the right, then login if necessary (ログイン), then enter the number of tickets next to 枚数 and press the button at the bottom.


February 16th – Live “1st Round”

Brats are doing a series of “one-man” events each month from February to April. Most smaller groups appear at events with other bands, but a one-man event is a gig with only one band playing a long set-list. It’s a mark of growing popularity. This one-man is called the “1st Round” and the girls will probably have time to showcase most of their songs.

When: February 16th 2019. Doors open at 17:00 for a 17:30 start.

Where: Club Malcolm, Shibuya, Tokyo (map)
A short walk from Shibuya station and Scramble crossing. Take the Hachiko exit from the station. It’s on a busy corner, opposite a Family Mart store. Descend the stairs to the basement venue.

Tickets: Advance 2800 yen, on the day 3300 yen. In either case plus 1 drink ticket on the door (600 yen).
Unfortunately, almost all the ticket sites in Japan now prevent foreigners from buying tickets. So buying a ticket in advance is impossible unless you know someone in Japan, or you use a specialist ticket service. But if the gig doesn’t sell out you will be able to get in on the day, although you will probably have to wait until after the people with tickets to get in.
There are a just a few day tickets left. Queue early to have a chance of getting them.


February 19th – Jack in the Boxxx Day 2 – Nagoya

Brats get in their touring bus and head to Nagoya. They will appear at the second day of a four day mini-festival in a well-known live house along with three other rock / alt-rock bands (postman / A11yourDays / w.o.d). Four upcoming, talented bands make this a worthwhile event. Official event page (Japanese)

When: February 19th 2019. Doors open at 18:00 for a 18:30 start.

Where: Club Upset, Nagoya (map)
Nagoya is two or three hours away from Tokyo on the bullet train. The venue is just one block from Ikeshita station. just a few stops down the Higashiyama line from the main Nagoya station. The entrance is round the side of the building just a short way from the main road.

Tickets: Advance 2500 yen, on the day 3000 yen. In either case plus 1 drink ticket on the door (600 yen).
This event is using the foreigner-friendly LivePocket ticket site. You can buy advance tickets here, it will auto-translate into English.