After their album release last month, Brats are back on the road around Japan again. Here are the events announced for September so far. Check back for updates.


September 1st – “69” – Brats Talk Show (Sold Out)

Rei Kuromiya wearing a white shirtIn typical controversial style Rei’s fashion brand features a 69 motif (it means what you think it means, lol). She has used it as the title for a talk show with the other two members of Brats. Rei Kuromiya will host and Aya Kuromiya (bass) and Hinako (guitar) will guest. Expect some funny revelations about each other and a chance to meet the girls afterwards.

When: September 1st, 2018. Doors open 18:30 for a 19:00 start.

Where: Space Cafe “Poreporeza”, Nakano Sakuei, Tokyo (map)
A fashionable cafe / event space right in front of Nakano Sakuei station, just one stop from Shinjuku.

Tickets: 2800 yen on the door. Sadly this event sold out very quickly – this is exactly the kind of event that Rei’s legion of fashionista fans love.


September 12th – “Love Buzz” gig in Nagoya

Brats playing a gig

Brats get straight back to touring the cities of Japan with this gig in Nagoya. They will appear with confident alt-rock outfit Self-Portrait as well as other guest artists.

When: September 1st, 2018. Doors open 18:30 for a 19:00 start.

Where: Club Upset, Nagoya (map)
Just one block from Ikeshita station. just a few stops down the Higashiyama line from the main Nagoya station. The entrance is round the side of the building just a short way from the main road.

Tickets: 2300 yen in advance, 2800 on the door. Advance tickets can only be bought by people residing in Japan (from e-plus), so buying a ticket on the door is the way to go. You may have to wait until after the people with tickets have entered first, but it should be easy enough to get to the front when Brats come on.