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Update: Time of Sound Cruising festival appearance added.

Brats will appear at two Spring festivals in Tokyo this May: the Hug Rock Festival 2018 in Golden Week and the fashionable Shimokitazawa Sound Cruising day and night festival on 26th May.


Hug Rock Festival – Details

This festival is for female artists only and takes place over 11 venues in Shibuya with over 120 artists. One entry fee gets you to into all venues, all day!

When: 3rd May 2018, the festival starts as early as 12:00 in some venues and goes on until 22:00. Brats turn is at 14:55-15:25 in their venue, but you should arrive for the artist before (Koresawa) at 14:00 or so to ensure a good spot for Brats. Full timetable.

Where: Brats will appear at Shibuya WWW, Tokyo (map). Be sure not to goto the wwwX venue next door. The correct WWW venue has the entrance right on the corner (see picture below).
The other festival venues are in various locations around Shibuya. If you want to see other artists, see the left column on the festival site info page for the website of each of the other venues. Look for the word “access” on the sites (or アクセス) – that is where you will find the venue map.

Shibuya WWW venue entrance

Tickets: Advance tickets are 3500 yen and can be bought online. However, it will be easier to buy them over the counter at the Gee ge live music store in Shibuya. Just ask for a Hug Rock ticket.

Official festival site (Japanese)


Shimokitazawa Sound Cruising logo


Shimokitazawa Sound Cruising – Details

Brats will appear at the the Shimokitazawa Sound Crusing festival in the fashionable Shimokitaza suburb of Tokyo. The festival has a day and an all night section in 15 venues and with over 75 artists (line-up). One entry fee gets you to into all venues. Rather that the usual Shibuya / Shinjuku locations, this is the festival to go to if you want to be a real Tokyoite.

Brats will be filming for their upcoming album at this gig. Get to the front if you want to be on a Brats video!

When: 26th May 2018. Brats will appear at 19:40 and play a 40 minute set. The day festival starts at 12:00. There is also a night event that starts at 23:00, although Brats don’t appear in the night event. Full timetable.

Where: Brats will play at the “Waver” live house in Shimokitazawa (map). It’s a basement venue. The other festival venues are in various locations around Shimokitazawa. You can see all the other venue names at the top of the timetable, all venue names are in English (except チカマツ) so you can search their locations easily in google maps.

Tickets: Advance tickets are 4800 yen for a day ticket (3000 yen for a night ticket and 5900 yen for a day and night ticket – Brats don’t appear in the night event). Available at Lawson Ticket, you will need google translate to use the site. Apparently you can also buy tickets at the Tower Records stores in Shibuya or Shinjuku, which should be easier- go to the information desk.  Tickets will also be available on the day for 500 yen extra.

Official festival site (Japanese)