Rei during Spice interview

Brats are interviewed on the Japanese entertainment site Spice. It is a Japanese interview but in this case Google translate does a reasonable job (translated interview – after following the link scroll down for the text*).

Key points are:

  • Brats want to be seen as a band not as a girls band. They want to be appreciated for their music not as idols.
    • Because she is an idol, Rei feels they were pushed too much as a girls band before their current “reborn” phase.
    • “This band is not about selling our faces” she told her agency president.
  • Rei and Hinako want to make heavier music.
    • Rei wants to do more metal.
    • Hinako thinks Rei’s vocals are a powerful weapon and wants to do more “dramatic” music (although she worries about Rei damaging her voice).
  • Rei discusses how she switches between Ladybaby and Brats, and how fans see the difference. She think an idol’s job is to “give the fans a dream”, but she thinks a band is not about that. She wants to attract fans who share their way of thinking. I think her point is that Brats is more grounded in reality.
    • “So please don’t wear Ladybaby T-shirts at Brats’ lives”, Rei asks
  • Aya is shy and says little…

They really seem to have a positive shared attitude. Looking forward to a more metal, “dramatic” Brats.

* Note: Google translate is the best of the automatic translators for Japanese but it is still very bad. It will give you the flavour of an article, but it makes fundamental mistakes and sometimes gives almost the opposite meaning than what is written. It doesn’t understand common slang or abbreviations and tries to translate emoji as words… It’s OK in this case, but generally treat Google translations with caution.

Brats during Spice interview