Brats logoRei’s rock band Brats will release their “reborn” double A-side single “Ainikoiyo / Nounai Shoukyo Game” on June 21st. Brats restarted activities recently after a hiatus during which they seem to have powered up their skill and intensity. This new CD showcases the first two songs of this new period.

The first track is Ainikoiyo (Come see me), a track used as the theme for the anime To Be Hero (which was well received for its left-field humour and unexpectedly emotional scenes). The second track, Nonai Shoukyo Game (Brain Erasure Game) is well known for it’s sassy music video where Rei is on top rock-starlet form.

The limited edition release is a must-have because it also contains a DVD with music videos of the two title tracks and video of the entire setlist of their comeback live. One of the live tracks, Pain, has already been released on Youtube.

The regular edition (CD only) can be ordered here: CDJapan,  HMV Japan (English)
The limited edition (CD + DVD) can be ordered here: CDJapan,  HMV Japan (English)

The audio tracks are available now on Spotify, Google Play and iTunes.


Limited Edition, CD + DVD

1. Ainikoiyo
2. Nounai Shoukyo Game
1. Ainikoiyo (Music Video)
2. Nounai Shoukyo Game (Music Video)
3. Ainikoiyo (Live Video)
4. Nakattakoto (Live Video)
5. Brain Erasure Game (Live Video)
6. Pain (Live Video)
7. Seitouka Pride Monster (Live Video)
8. Kimarigoto (Live Video)

Regular Edition, CD only

1. Ainikoiyo
2. Nounai Shoukyo Game
3. Ainikoiyo (instrumental)
4. Nounai Shoukyo Game (instrumental)